Syntaxfehler mit der Datenbank, ?nach update? 15.0.1

Ich grüße Euch, hoffe das ist der richtige thread. Diesen Fehler näher zu beschreiben half mir mein hoster.
Ich habe nur in einer Installation den folgenden Fehler:
I kindly inform you that we have verified the cause of the problem. When you select the „Confirm“ button on the shipment card (PROV44), the following database query is generated:

INSERT INTO llxuc_stock_mouvement( datem, fk_product, batch, eatby, sellby, fk_entrepot, value, type_mouvement, fk_user_author, label, inventorycode, price, fk_origin, origintype, fk_projet) VALUES (‚2022-04-06 15:13:08‘, 4, ‚211120‘, ‚2024-11-19 00:00:00‘, null, 1, -1000, 2, 1, ‚Przesyłka SH2204-0039 potwierdzona‘, null, 6,5, 0, ‚‘, 0)

It is incorrect because the last field value (0 - underlined in red) has no field assigned:
datem <---------- ‚2022-04-0615:13:08‘
fk_product <----- 4
batch <---------- ‚211120‘
eatby <---------- ‚2024-11-1900:00:00‘
sellby <--------- null
fk_entrepot <---- 1
value <---------- -1000
type_mouvement ← 2
fk_user_author ← 1
label <---------- ‚PrzesyłkaSH2204-0039potwierdzona‘
inventorycode — null
price <---------- 6
fk_origin <------ 5
origintype <----- 0
fk_projet <------ ‚‘
? <------------ 0

Also, the fields in the fk_projet column are of type int(11), and the application tries to write an empty string (varchar) ‚‘ in them, which also fails.
These are application and/or database integrity errors (perhaps these errors occurred during an update). It is best to report them to the Dolibarr software developers ( ). Please note that in the database, in the llxuc_stock_mouvement table there are currently two columns fk_projet and fk_project - this looks like a typical typo.

At the same time, I would like to inform you that extended debugging tools can be enabled / disabled in Configuration → Modules / Applications / Debug Logs / Debugging Bar (at the very bottom).

Das könnte von den Database einstellungen kommen. (zB mysql strict_mode).
Probiren Sie version 15.0.2, fals es sschon korrigiert wurde oder melden Sie eine Issue

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