ScanInvoices : OCR and Suppliers invoices import for Dolibarr is looking for non-french speaking users

Hello all,
ich habe deutsch gelernt … aber ich habe alles vergessen !

i’m working hard on a plugin for suppliers invoices import (and more in future) with OCR and others data extractions tools.

The plugin is free and you can take it here: OCR - ScanInvoices

That plugin needs a special webservice to be used (because of ocr engine and some others tools normal users can’t add to a standard php/sql hosting plan like dolibarr need).

The webservice (his name is docwizon) can be self hosted and my company make some business around that. Now i’m looking for non-french speaking partners to bootsrap scaninvoices and docwizon outside France :slight_smile:

So if you are interesting in that sort of tools and services, please try the plugin and push some invoices, look at the result and contact us (by mail at contact at if you want to become a partner and make reseller plan in your countries.

Hope to see you soon